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Frequently Asked Questions


Over what region does PainFreePC operate?

PainFreePC is based in Epsom Surrey and undertakes on-site work over a twenty mile radius including South London, Croydon, Kingston, Guildford, Reigate and Redhill.

Will I lose all my applications and data if I need to have my operating system re-installed?

Re-installing an operating system is a last resort for PainFreePC. If it is required, we will endeavour to install or transfer all your applications and data onto the updated machine. However, you would need to provide us with your application disks to enable us to do this.

Is it better to upgrade my PC or buy a new one?

If it's a question of adding a feature that you need then upgrading is usually better. If you've run out of hard disk space, then adding a new one will quickly and easily solve the problem. However if it's an older PC, it's likely that a number of things will need upgrading and often it's cheaper and easier to purchase a new one. PainFreePC is happy to advise on the best solution.

Should I opt for a wired or wireless network?

Wireless networks are not as fast or robust as wired networks and can have difficulties reaching the extremities of a larger house. On the other hand, wired networks can be time consuming to install depending on where you route the wires. For the average house, wireless is probably the better answer but it does depend on many factors.

Does PainFreePC undertake work on Apple Macintoshes or Linux PCs?

No, only IBM PC compatible products with Microsoft Windows operating systems are handled.